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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling: Trust Us, We've Been There!

Whether you're gearing up for a tropical getaway or a thrilling road trip, we've got your back. At Living Adventures Travel Agency, we've seen it all – the good, the bad, and the downright hilarious. So, grab your passport and let's dive into the top mistakes to steer clear of when hitting the road!

Vacationing is essential for many aspects of your life, including but not limited to:

relaxation and stress release, discovery, cultural immersion, visiting friends and family, learning

and just having something to look forward to in your everyday life. However, vacationing almost

never goes perfectly smooth and we can attest to that. Learning from your mistakes is important,

but it’s always best to learn from someone else’s mistakes which has inspired this next blog post.

Having a knowledgeable, dedicated travel agent can make all the difference in helping avoid

hiccups by reminding you what to do and/or not to do on your vacation. Trust us when we say

we’ve been there, and we are not immune to making mistakes despite owning Living Adventures

Travel Agency and vacationing multiple times a year. Below are a few tips summarized based on

mistakes we have made in our past adventures:

Not Being Prepared: One of the last things you want to do on a vacation is worry about what ifs,

or worse, not having something when you really need it. Our first memorable adventure as a

couple together was on a road trip to Niagara Falls on our honeymoon, with stops at a resort in

the Pocono’s and a one-night stop near Watkin’s Glen in NY (breathtaking and highly

recommended!). Working on a tight budget as a newly married young couple, much of this trip

was booked through Groupon and we tried to save money where we could. This included a

dinner in Watkin’s Glen ordering pizza and wings to the hotel, which is honestly one of our

favorite combos to this day. However, I can still vividly remember the heartburn that dinner

caused as I writhed in pain waiting for it to subside which would have been expedited had I

packed some antacid relief pills. Ironically, on our very next stop near Buffalo, NY I was met with some more unfortunate misery when we decided to get a couples massage.

I also vividly remember the masseuse vigorously massaging my calves near the end of the massage and wondering how this would be pleasant for anyone, but unfortunately decided to keep quiet even though it felt like it was literally pulling my leg hairs. My silence was rewarded by receiving folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles) and dealing with that for the next few days. Packing antibacterial ointment would have saved an out of the way trip to a pharmacy store and kept us on our way. With more remote trips (or cruises), packing a generic first aid kid can save you a lot of time, stress and/or money when you need it. Lesson learned: always pack those trusty antacid pills. And hey, if you're getting a massage, don't suffer in silence – speak up before you end up with a case of folliculitis!

Overpacking Woes: We've all been there, struggling to zip up an overstuffed suitcase at the airport. We can attest to that based on our own experience, exceeding the weight limit on one of our bags by over 10 lbs. by packing Magna-tiles for the kids on our January 2022 cruise to Aruba, Curacao and Haiti.

That’s right, Magna-tiles.

The idea was that they could play with them in the cruise ship

stateroom on the walls, since the ship’s walls and doors are magnetic. It was a great idea at the

time, but we definitely overlooked the weight that they would add to our bags. This led to

stressfully moving them to our backpacks along with shoes and whatever else would get us just

under the limit. Booking the flight with Spirit Airlines was another downfall, which at the time

had just a 40lb. weight limit compared to 50 lbs. on most airlines for check-in bags. Our kids

also decided to pack many of their stuffed friends (which we unfortunately allowed), which

further limited our options for already limited packing space. This also created major issues on

the flight home, when our flight got delayed twice and I had thrown out my back playing

dodgeball on the ship two nights before. Trust us, spare yourself the hassle. Avoid the temptation to pack the kitchen sink – leave room for souvenirs and save yourself from lugging around extra weight. Magna-tiles may be cool, but they're not worth a sore back and a missed flight!

Booking Blunders: Ah, the infamous budget hotel debacle. You think you're saving a few bucks but end up in a horror movie set instead. Before our agency was created, I also ended up trying to save money on a trip to Williamsburg/Busch Gardens with my family and pretty much ended up booking the cheapest

hotel I could find that had decent reviews. On our way to the room, we sensed something was up

based on three police officers questioning patrons outside their hotel door. When we arrived to the room, we were appalled

After the hotel mishap, it turned into one of the coolest vacations!

by the filth and the state of disrepair the room was in. The TV was broken, there were handprints

on the mirror and hair in the shower. I still remember my wife charging up to the front desk and

saying, “I wouldn’t even let my dog stay here!” as we demanded a refund and walked out. If

needed, know she have the same level of intensity for you as your dedicated travel agent! The

stress caused by having to try and find another nearby hotel late at night after a long day of travel

was not worth trying to save $40 initially. Take it from us: prioritize quality over savings. Your sanity will thank you when you're not scrubbing handprints off the mirror at 2 AM.

Room Roulette: Booking a cramped interior room on a cruise seemed like a good idea... until it wasn't.

We have learned tips and tricks along the way both from experience and just making mistakes in

the past. On Enchantment of the Seas’ second sailing back from Covid on New Years Eve 2021,

we wanted to get back on a cruise desperately but also on a budget so we decided to book an

interior room for all four of us. This also happens to be one of the smallest ships in the fleet,

which inherently leads to some of the smallest staterooms in the fleet. As you can imagine, it was

cramped and the drop down beds from the ceiling were fun, but not the most ideal scenario.

Even though the room was cramped, it gave reason for all of us to snuggle a little closer.

Our almost 4-year-old daughter ended up in our bed every night, which eventually helped lead to my

wife losing her wedding band and ring as she was adjusting the sheets. Unfortunately, the ring

was never found and I ended up buying the ring again later that summer. Had we booked a

bigger room, or better yet adjoining rooms, that may have been avoided and would have more

than offset the cost of the lost ring. Lesson learned: size matters. Opt for spacious accommodations to avoid accidental jewelry losses and unexpected bouts of cabin fever. Your family will thank you for the upgrade!

Skipping the Travel Agent: Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of a knowledgeable travel agent. We've been there, done that, and got the souvenir t-shirt. Let us guide you towards smooth sailing, from snagging the perfect room to dodging travel pitfalls like a pro.

So, there you have it, fellow wanderers – the ultimate guide to avoiding travel mishaps. Remember, every adventure comes with its ups and downs, but with a little preparation and a lot of laughs, you'll be making memories that last a lifetime. Bon voyage! 🌍✈️

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