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5 Ways To Save Money Traveling

Our Secret Tips to save you $$$ during your next Adventure

Let's face it, everyone wants to travel, but the price tag can make it seem impossible. What if I told you there is a way to travel WITHOUT breaking the bank?

Jon and I are sharing our Personal Secrets on how we travel multiple times a year, WITH KIDS, and manage to not break the bank.

Check out these 5 tips that are tested and true to make sure that you can get the most out of your vacations AND to be able to do them more often.

Tip #1: Pack Light

Avoid extra baggage fees by only packing the essentials. Checked baggage fees add up fast, so ditch the dead weight. Depending on the airline, you are charged hefty baggage fees that aren't usually included in your cheaper flights. Always check what is included with your flight ticket.

Tip #2: Travel during Offseason

Most companies offer off season discounts and rates, so before you decide when to travel, go check the prices for multiple dates to save big.

Tip #3: Shop Local

Save your money by shopping at local grocery stores and restaurants. Remember, people live where your vacationing, so don't shop in the tourist traps where prices are higher.

Tip #4: Explore Off the Beaten Path

Often times the excursions you book are priced higher through large companies. Don't be afraid to take a tour from the locals instead. Most of them rely on your business to make a living.

Tip #5: Book with a Travel Agent

Always do your own research to prepare but know that Travel Agents already know all of the Tips and Tricks. Why go it alone when you can have your own personal planner? The cost is FREE but the gain is EVERYTHING. Contact Living Adventures Travel Agency to help plan your next vacation.

Follow Living Adventures Travel Agency on Social Media @livingadventuresta for more tips and tricks.

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